Maya World


The game focuses on the ‘Maya World Parks and Resorts’ Mascot, Maya, being the protagonist where she has to traverse the ruined and exotic landscape of Maya World in a bid to save it from the tyrant and cosmic villain Caracat. She embarks on her adventure with the goal of retaking the 9 gems of power, which formed the land, from the Kitlords and use them to defeat Caracat.
With the aid of the Guardian and her friends of NPCs saved by Maya along her journey, she learns more about the secrets of the land and of her past in relation to her growing power.

The game will be release soon...


We have our own themed music for the whole project and for each village as well.

More music coming soon...


This trailer is a slight introduction of the episodes, and later the movie that will depict the story behind Maya World Parks and Resorts.

Stay tuned for Trailer part 2...