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You may be asking what Maya World Parks & Resorts is.

Let’s keep it simple and get things straight to the point. Maya World Parks & Resorts is a 600,000 square meters of leisure and entertainment, located in Keserwane, Lebanon.

1.5Km from coastal highway, panoramic mountain and sea view, 400m above sea level, 35Km from Beirut International Airport. Green technology, environmentally friendly, special needs' access, this resort has it all for all.

Listen to the story, follow the map.


Live your very own fairytale and experience your magical love story at our village. Enjoy the variety of international cuisines from the ancient to medieval world. For the most magical wedding, we offer wedding fairs, private event areas, beautiful landscapes, and a picturesque lake.The newly-weds will benefit from all the services such as spa beauty salon,photography, wedding dresses and much more.


Escape to nature and enjoy life’s natural pleasures. With 100,000 m2 of natural landscape offering tree houses,caravans, tents, campfires, picnic areas,an adventure park, and camping activities, what more could an adventurer ask for? Live the rural life and take on every adventure at our adventure park. Not forgetting all family activities from planting, horse riding,ATV, sports ground, indoor sport complex and more. Enjoy our street food village which offers a variety of delicious food and beverages.


Explore your roots of true Lebanese living. Enjoy our guest houses, stop by our traditional shops, play around atour village activities, and meet new people in “se7et al day3a”. You will truly remember the good old days in Lebanon with our traditional and entertaining Lebanese life in display.


Get in touch with your nature-loving side and experience outdoor activities like never before. With 30,000 m2 of outdoor fun, this village offers lodges, a fishing lake, a dog and cat park, sports courts, bonfire and gatherings, and tons of recreational activities. You’ll definitely be coming back for more fresh air and fun times.


Honor your soul by pampering your body and mind. 40,000 m2 of comfort and relaxation await you, providing hotel rooms, private villas, and a wellness and spa center for utmost serenity. In the heart of luxury, you can also find an outlet village and conference zones for the perfectbusiness deal.


Enjoy extravagant moments and lavish experiences with furnished apartments,a shopping street, entertainment center, and restaurants. It is an all-new take on the high life with accessible luxury in a district all your own. Witness the brilliant comfort for yourself in this 40,000 m2 of opulence.
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Dive into the depths of the world and explore new realms in our underwater village. Whether you enjoy exciting water-park rides or relaxing bungalow-living, this aquatic village is for you.With an oceanarium, dolphin show,waterpark, theme rides, and bungalows,there’s so much to relish in this 50,000m2 attraction.


Discover mother nature and frolic with friendly animals as you explore our world of fun and learning for all ages.With a farm house, petting zoo,plantation, and activity farm, your little ones will be delighted by the atmosphere of non stop amusement and  hands-on involvement. Let’s not forget exciting parades, puppet shows, and kids’ workshops that will leave them exhilarated, all in our 50,000 m2 village.


Step into a wonderland all your own with 100,000 m2 of fun, featuring overnight accommodations and a magnificent resort. All ages can enjoy the princess castle, Maya eye, thrill rides, water rides with extravagant parades, live performances, and rides accommodated for those with special needs.

Meet Maya

Maya Story

Hi I’m Maya, my life is all about being so happy, optimistic, and ambitious. My dream of a world that is full of these beautiful gems and I’m their princess. I’m every animal’s friend, but mostly horses and dolphins. I have countless hobbies such as swimming, dancing skiing and many more! I’m known to be very healthy, yet I’m in love with chocolate! I’m a dreamer of a better tomorrow, a dreamer of a happy tomorrow, and a dreamer of becoming the one and only queen of Maya Worlds Parks and Resorts.

Our main character, MAYA, will be the first ever original Lebanese cartoon character that will become worldwide and international with time.

The target behind this unique project is to sell franchises later on to many places around the world, and now that this resort has Lebanese roots and origins.

Meet the characters

Maya, the sweetest girl, wants to build her very own empire in Lebanon to live a better tomorrow.
She grew up with her characters: her friends the animals.
With time, you’ll get to know her better and better.
Meeting characters at Maya World Parks and Resorts will be one of the most magical parts for kids and adults.
Maya World Parks and Resorts has been utilizing stages and higher vantage points as a way for characters to interact with guests


Maya, the sweetest little girl, wants to build her very own empire in Lebanon to live a better tomorrow. She grew up in a humble countryside along her friends the animals. With time, you'll get to know her better and better.


The Guardian is Maya's literal meaning of a guardian in her journey. He's the only character that she trusts and believes. All he does is protect her from all evil and guide her in the best way to build her own empire and become the queen


From his looks and gestures, who do you think Carakat is? Yes, absolutely! He is the maleficent cat that wants to turn everything into black and white, and destroy Maya's kingdom. But do you think he will be able to do all this?


Gilbeeerrrte is very special in her family. The spotlights are always on her and she happens to be very picky about her stuff and their tidiness. Are you anything like her?


Omelette the chicken is absolutely crazy! She deals with a lot of mood swings! She's very messed up, yet funny at the same time. She always gives funny looks and shows silly reactions. Every time she lays her eggs, a flood happens!


Fiz, the angel rabbit in front of people, but the original gangster with his friends. Can you relate to him?


Moona, Maya's lovely cow, happens to be a little timid and selfish, but really good with everyone around her. Are you like Moona?


Roy happens to be Maya's closest friend from the farm and the most good looking one. He's very adventurous and Maya's favorite sport. Roy always makes Maya feel comfortable, funny, and safe whenever he's around her.


From her looks, how would you imagine Diva's personality? She's Maya's jealous and mean sister. She always holds bad intentions towards everyone around her, and she's also very arrogant.

More Characters Coming Soon...