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Meet our Founder, Bachir Mayne

At the age of 15, Bachir took over the family business by managing the Golden Gulf Hotel. After 4 years of perseverance and hard work, he purchased and leased luxurious vehicles. That’s how he started his first established business called the Golden Gulf Cars. In 2004, he launched Mayne Group Real Estate and Contracting, which was the beginning of his current career path. Bachir also succeeded in owning and co-owning several entities in the Retail, Hospitality, and Food & Beverage industries in Lebanon and Qatar. That is how MAYA WORLD Parks & Resorts turned from a dream to reality in 2022. All of this is being accomplished under the name of his biggest company B Mayne Group.
B Mayne Group is a holding company founded by Bachir Mayne. Through its various constituent companies, it takes interests in Real Estate development, contracting and hospitality. It holds the “Mayne Group Real estate development & contracting”, “The Golden Gulf Hotel” and the “On Board Travel Agency”. It also invests in “Food & beverage” and its entities owns “Les Malins French brasserie”, “Mayor Pub”, “Pascal Tepper French bakery” and “Falafel Karim Food & Beverage”. Retail operations also include other services. Therefore, it owns “My secret” women’s beauty salon “Barber corner” men’s salon, the “Golden G car rental” as well as “Bambouche toys and Baby gallery”. The B Mayne Group has extended its interests in launching a complex called “MAYA WORLD Parks & Resorts” in summer 2022.


Cael Awards

Maya World received the award of the best project during Cael Award event 2019 sponsored by Emirates Ambassador in Lebanon His Excellency Saad Al Shamsi.


Our association brings joy to children, and provide Maya World Parks and Resorts free entrance for children with special needs who will have in addition to their own outlets, recreational activities and gifts for all occasions.

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